What is Geocaching?

The game of Geocaching has taken the world by storm with over 3 million caches hidden worldwide.

The Franschhoek Valley has many Geocaches to discover, some of them not so easy to find. Join our Guided Local Geocaching Tours where we provide you with a list of caches and the clues to discover them.

You get the fun of deciphering the clues and finding the hidden treasure and we assist and make sure you do! Join us for a fun half day adventure and see Franschhoek from a different view.

Our historical town was inhabited in the mid 1600s and many of the caches take you to fascinating Points of Interest. You will see much of the village in one day as well as the Franschhoek Pass which boasts a number of Geocaches. Remember to wear your hiking boots as there is a fair amount of climbing to do.

Bring your own trinkets with to swap in the caches that have them. Some of our caches are so small, they are very difficult to find and don’t have trinkets. But, you can still record your find. Pencils will be provided.

Suitable for the whole family or for friend groups or as a team-building activity.

Well that would be giving the game away, wouldn't it 😉

We meet and return to the Franschhoek Adventure Centre in the Main rd of the village. All caches are in and around Franschhoek.


  • Includes details for the various caches around and the appropriate clues.
  • Pencil to record your find is provided.
  • GPS to follow clues provided.


  • Gratuities
  • Items of a personal nature




  • Your detective skills and your love for treasure hunting.
  • Your camera to record your find.


  • Comfortable clothing and good walking/hiking shoes.
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunhat

General fitness and health is required.

Although we do drive to the nearest entrance point, some walking on gravel or uneven surfaces is usually required as well as the ocassional climb.

Pick up and drop off from your accommodation establishment within or around Franschhoek.
If you are staying out of town, we meet at and return to the Franschhoek Adventure Centre which is at Shop 5, upstairs @ 62 Huguenot Rd, Franschhoek (right next to the Tourism Office).


Own Vehicle:

Duration: 2-3 Hours

01 Apr 20 - 31 Aug 20:

R 600.00 per adult

R 250.00 per child (2 - 12)

01 Sep 20 - 31 Mar 21:

R 700.00 per adult

R300.00 per child (2 - 12)

Our Vehicle

Duration: 2-3 Hours

01 Apr 20 - 31 Aug 20:

R 750.00 per adult

R 350.00 per child (2 - 12)

01 Sep 20 - 31 Mar 21:

R 850.00 per adult

R 400.00 per child (2 - 12)