Khoisan Kraal Headman
Teesakkie Aunty Ruth
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Khoisan Chief Chris
Judas at the Medicinal Garden
Khoisan Kraal Traditional Lunch
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Franschhoek Rond en Bont Cultural Tour

Experience our unique culture

The Coloured community of the Western Cape have a rich and varied history with many families descending from the slaves that were brought to the tip of Africa in the 1600's when farming began by the Dutch to supply their ships, as well as the local Khoisan people who were the original inhabitants of this area.


The community has evolved to be a vibrant, unique group of people with their own style and flare.  The culture, language and history comes from many parts of the world and creates a very unique group of people who are eager to share their uniqueness with our visitors.

The Franschhoek Rond en Bont (meaning Around and Pround) tour is entertaining, educational and a lot of fun.  On the tour you will:

  • visit a medicinal garden and learn about the indigenous plants and their medicinal value;
  • be entertained by a group of musicians in the township of Groendal and you may even get to do some drumming!;
  • have a tea break at the Teesakkie (The Tea Bag) and spoilt by Aunty Ruth with her delicious treats;
  • Visit an community upliftment programme where unemployed people are taught sewing skills, and receive a gift from them;
  • End of the tour at the local Khoisan Chief's Kraal where you will meet Chief Chris and his headmen, hear their stories and about their culture and share in a fabulous traditional Khoisan meal for lunch.

The tour promises a culturally enriching experience and you will go away feeling you have engaged with some unique, inspiring individuals.  We look forward to taking you into their world soon.

Making use of your own transport, we visit the following community members:

  • The Community Medicinal Garden
  • The Sinotando Entertainment group
  • The Teeksakkie
  • The Indlovu (Elephant) Sewing Project
  • The Cochocqua Khoisan Kraal or Solms Delta




  • Refreshments at the Teesakkie Tea Garden.
  • Gift from the Indlovu Sewing Project.
  • Traditional lunch at the Khoisan Kraal or Solms Delta


  • Transport between venues.  Please let us know if you do not have transport and we will arrange it at an extra cost.
  • Gratuities

We meet at the Franschhoek Adventure Centre at 62 Huguenot Rd, Franschhoek.

We return to the same venue.



4 Hours

Price:  01 Sep 19 - 31 Mar 20

R 475.00 per person

Please note this price is for use of your own vehicle.

Should you require transport, please contact us for a quote.