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Hello there,

My name is Robyn and I’m the founder and head guide of Franschhoek Adventures.  I’m so pleased you found your way here.  Let me tell you a bit about how this all started.

Being a gypsy my whole life and living in many different places, from Namibia (my birth land), to Cape Town to Pretoria, Joburg and Welkom with a stint in England and 2 years in Egypt,  I have at last found a place to put down roots.  And what better way to enjoy this stunning village that I have made my home, than being a tour guide and showing it off to as many visitors as possible.

Living in the picturesque town of Franschhoek in the Winelands around Cape Town for the past 11 years, I am a nature guide who is intimately familiar with the area, its history and all it has to offer the visitor.  We are surrounded by majestic mountains covered in Fynbos and offering spectacular views as well as more than 50 stunning wine farms.  Being a Nature Guide in this area is extremely rewarding as the mountains offer us an awesome place to play in.

My interest in history led me to develop the Historical Village Walking Tour where I can share fun and interesting facts with my guests while we stroll through the pretty backstreets, a tour I absolutely love doing.

The valley floor is relatively flat and lends itself to leisurely mountain bike riding, something I have come to love since living here.  A great way to explore and visit the area.

My tours are relaxed, informal, comfortable and private.  In other words, you become my friends and we spend a few hours in each other’s company hiking, walking or bike riding, sipping wine and chatting about the town, fauna and flora and history of Franschhoek.

Addy the Adventure Dog joined me 8 months ago and his favourite thing in the world is to go hiking. If you pop into our offices, you will meet him and if you are joining us for a hike, he is sure to be coming along.  He is a gorgeous, friendly, energetic Yorkie-Russel and is loved by all who meet him.

I hope you will join us soon.  See you in the great outdoors!

Sunny Franschoek Greetings,

Robyn kiss

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