*  Activity could be cancelled in the event of severe weather conditions.  An alternative date and time will be offered.  If this is not accepted, we reserve the right to withhold any refund.
*  All participants should be in adequate health and fitness to be able to walk on rocky mountainous trails or be able to ride a bicycle when applicable.
*  Correct footwear is imperative. No casual shoes or sandals allowed. We reserve the right to not allow guests on the trail without adequate footwear with no refund.


1 month or more prior to activity – full refund less 10% admin fee.
2 – 4 weeks prior to activity – 75% refund less 10% admin fee.
1 – 2 weeks prior to activity – 50% refund less 10% admin fee.
Less than one week to one day prior to activity – 25% refund less 10% admin fee.
1 day, same day or ‘no show’ – no refund.
No refunds if cancelled due to weather & alternate date offered is not accepted.


By paying this invoice, you accept full responsibility for any loss which you, or your family, or heirs might suffer as a result of injury, illness or loss of life or damage or loss to property you may sustain during the hiking, mountain biking and associated activities, from any cause whatsoever and howsoever arising and you indemnify and hold Franschhoek Adventures, Robyn Kadis and their employees, agents and associates harmless against any claim howsoever arising and without derogating from the generality hereof. You record that you are aware of the inherent risks involved in hiking, mountain biking and associated activities. These risks include loss or damage to personal property, injury or fatality, accident or illness. Knowing of the inherent risks and dangers involved, you certify that you are fully capable of participating in these activities that Franschhoek Adventures has agreed to allow you to participate in, subject to the condition that you will obey lawful instructions of the guides or their deputies covering any aspect of the excursion or activities and you will acknowledge that you are fully bound by and will comply with such instructions. You voluntarily assume the risk inherent in taking part in such activity.

You confirm that your general health is good and there is nothing which renders you unfit to undertake such excursions. With your payment you hereby acknowledge having accepted the terms and conditions that appear above.