Things to do in Franschhoek

Things to do in Franschhoek

Welcome to the wonderful world of Franschhoek

We trust you will have a fabulous time in our village, whether you’ve been here before, are visiting right now or planning on joining us in the future.

Franschhoek Adventures is your local tour and adventure company offering you guided hikes in our spectacular mountains, mountain bike rides to our world-class wine farms or walking around our quaint village experiencing its history and beauty on a guided history walk.


If you’re visiting us on the Red Bus from Cape Town and have an iVenture card, you now qualify for a free 1 hour historical walk where we will tell you all about the first inhabitants of the area, the iconic animals they shared the valley with, why we don’t speak French in our very French-inspired town, see its oldest buildings and homes and hear the stories of the people who lived there.


Visiting the wine valley almost guarantees that you will be frequenting at least a few of the famous or even not-so-famous wine estates that surround us, hidden gems waiting to be discovered.  Franschhoek wines are up there with the best and we have plenty of bubbly wine estates too.

Visiting them by Mountain Bike is just one of our specialities.  We have 5 brand new Silverback Spectra bikes for our guests and guarantee a smooth ride through the picturesque vineyards.  We visit 3 wine farms and can include a number of food and wine pairing options offered at various farms or a scrumptious fresh summer platter for lunch.


man on a hiking trail

Visitors to our valley cannot help but notice the fabulous mountain ranges that surround us. There are a number of trails to be explored and our guided nature hikes are very popular. We visit the Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve, the Berg River Conservation Area and the trail behind the La Motte Wine Estate to commune with nature, enjoy the wonderful fynbos that is indigenous to our area and look out for birds, mammals and reptiles.  Our summers are hot so we start early in the morning to avoid the mid-day heat.  In winter we get to lie in a little but can still enjoy hikes on the stunning beautiful warm days in between cold fronts.  There are trails to suit all abilities and ages.


group watching birds

South Africa is blessed with an abundance of wild birds, over 900 species, many of them indigenous to our region.  The Western Cape has its share of endemics and many bird watchers flock here to see them.  We offer 3 birding trips, one local to Franschhoek for half a day, a full day trip to the best birding spots in Cape Town or to Betty’s Bay, stopping at many great places along the way, or an over-night trip up the West Coast to Langebaan,  A great opportunity to up your life list and see some of the best parts of the area.


ladies tasting craft beer

Although Franschhoek is known for its wine, the craft beer industry has craftily infiltrated our area.  A few breweries are already up and running and one or two are in the process.  So take a break from the vino and imbibe in a little of the amber liquid with the froth on top!  Our Crafty Beer Tour starts a little out of town at one of the smaller breweries and we make our way back into town ending at a local establishment where you can try 18 different beers.  A brewery tour is also available and some fabulous food too.


art gallery

Art and wine just seem to go together like bread and butter.  So it seems logical that the wine valley will have its fair share of art galleries.  Our Main Rd has many of them but there are also a few tucked away that are not so easy to find.  We are also blessed to have a few artists living in the village who either work from studios at their homes or at galleries close by and visits to them can be arranged by appointment.  We end the day at one of best estates which sports a stunning private art collection and we enjoy a High Tea in the garden.  A must for culture vultures.


group in township street

The area of Groendal lies on the border of the village and is home to a varied and diverse people. The coloured people are traditionally from the South Western Cape and have lived here for generations while the Xhosa and Zulu people are from other areas in the country.  Our tour starts at a local restaurant in the informal settlement of Langurg where you will meet the local guide and taste the local beer.  A walk through the area takes you to a creche where the little ones love to have visitors.  A stop at a Spaza Shop to buy them a few treats can be arranged.  The local people are very friendly and enjoy interacting with visitors to their town and you will have the opportunity to chat to some of them at the Shabeen.  The tour ends when we return to the restaurant and share a traditional meal and some beverages.

The guide will give you the history of the area, tell you about the culture of the inhabitants, explain why the settlement was started and what the plans for the future are.  It is a culturally enriching experience and will greatly enhance your visit to Franschhoek.