Welcome to the wonderful world of Franschhoek

We trust you will have a fabulous time in our village, whether you’ve been here before, are visiting right now or planning on joining us in the future.

Franschhoek Adventures is your local tour and adventure company offering you guided hikes in our spectacular mountains, mountain bike rides to our world-class wine farms or walking around our quaint village experiencing its history and beauty on a guided history walk.


If you’re visiting us on the Red Bus from Cape Town and have an iVenture card, you now qualify for a free 1 hour historical walk where we will tell you all about the first inhabitants of the area, the iconic animals they shared the valley with, why we don’t speak French in our very French-inspired town, see its oldest buildings and homes and hear the stories of the people who lived there.


Our valley is surrounded by 4 majestic mountain ranges and we love showing off our views, fauna and flora to our guests.  There are a number of hiking trails available.  Do contact us for more information and to book your spot.  We prefer to leave fairly early in the morning in the summer months as it gets a bit warm at midday.  In winter you can lie in a little longer 😉 .  We have routes of approximately 2 hours to 4 hours in various areas, and don’t forget your camera phone!


We have 5 brand new Silverback Spectra Mountain Bikes for you to enjoy on our Wine Farm Cycling Tours.  We have various routes which will take you to 3 wine farms to taste their fabulous wines and perhaps have a few food & wine pairings.  Chocolate, Biltong, Braai, Pizza, Turkish Delights and canapes are only a few of the pairings on offer in our valley.  For something special you can add a bubbly (MCC) tasting to your stops.  Our bikes are a pleasure to ride and the routes are fairly straight so you don’t need to be super fit to take part.


Wine isn’t the only beverage we offer.  The craft beer craze has craftily hit our valley and we have a number of boutique breweries which we’d love to introduce you to.  We start a little outside of town and make our way back into the village stopping at the breweries along the way. Check out the amber liquid at each one and do a brewery tour to see how it’s all done. Fabulous food is also on offer to keep you going.


This year, for the first time we will be hosting an Amazing Race at the Bastille Festival on the 14th of July.  We are very excited to be hosting it and would love you to join us.  We have a FOOT race and a TUK TUK race where teams of 4 will be leaving every 15 minutes to dash around town following clues, finding answers, taking pics and having loads of fun, within the 2 hour time limit.  There are great prizes to be won by the team that finishes fastest with the most tasks correctly completed. You can book online here.

We offer our Amazing Race throughout the year to corporates for team-building as well as to wedding parties as a time filler and ice breaker, especially good when your guests are from many different places and might not know each other well.  Call us for more info and a quote.


We love birds, the feathered kind!  If it’s your thing please join us for a bird-watching trip, either in and around Franschhoek, to the hot birding spots in Cape Town or to the south coast.  An overnight trip up the west coast is also a real treat.  We have quite a few endemic species in the Western Cape and if you’d like to see them, we know where to find them.


The cold, rainy winter months may no be quite condusive for outdoor activities but there are other things to do in our village.  We are blessed with a huge array of art galleries and a number of artists live here too.  Our Art Route tour will take you to the galleries that interest you and then we move on out of the village to the fabulous galleries on the wine farms.  We visit one or two artists, if they’re available and can include a delicious high-tea to end off the day.  Highly recommended.

The craft beer tour is also good for rainy days by the way, all indoors.


Have you heard about the fabulous game of Geocaching?  It’s a real life treasure hunt that can be done anywhere in the world.  There are more than 3 million caches hidden around the world and are waiting to be found.  The caches are commonly placed in an a place of interest and it might involve some hiking or climbing to get to them.  We offer a Geocaching tour to help you find the caches that are hidden around Franschhoek. There are many of them and some are quite tricky to find.  It’s a wonderful game for the whole family and gets the kids outdoors and active while having great fun.


Last but not least, we offer a very enlightening walk around the local township.  It is a settlement with many different cultures and communities and you are welcome to walk around and meet the locals.  You can taste the local fare, partake of the traditional beer and visit a creche and meet the little ones who love visitors.  The main tour takes place in the informal settlement of Langrug but you can also have tea at the local tea shop in the Groendal area where most of the coloured folk live.  Learn some of the history of the area and get a good understanding of the various population groups in our country.

As you can tell, we have a wide variety of tours on offer, something for all tastes, ages and abilities.  Call us anytime or send us an email if you have any questions or would like to make a booking.  The contact form on the website comes straight through to our email and the Book Now button takes you to the booking page where you can check availability and costs.

We look forward to meeting you and showing off our beautiful town to you. See you in the great outdoors!!